Beer Toast

It’s all in the Name

January 10, 2016 Jeff 0

This is the year, 2016, that the ball gets rolling on the Brewery. There will be many hurdles along the way, mostly financial, that will […]

American Brown Ale in a bottle, Goodnight Gracie

“Goodnight Gracie 1.0”

December 22, 2015 Jeff 0

Brew Day – Goodnight Gracie Brown Ale This was our first attempt at brewing our own recipe for a brown ale that we will affectionately […]

Irish Red Ale

My First Red Head

December 2, 2015 Jeff 0

Brew Day – My First Red Head Is there anything better to do on a nice fall day in Illinois than brew a delicious Irish […]

American Brown Ale, Porter

First Brew Day

November 21, 2015 Jeff 0

Brew Day – First Brew Day With recently making my way onto the craft brew bandwagon, one you should all be on, I found myself […]